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(Some of) The Family Jewels in snaps

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[aggressively refrains from asking you to plot with me because is afraid to come off as an annoying, creepy lil shit]

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  • full name delaney anna chandler
  • describe your character using five words artistic, stubborn, humble, passionate, perfectionist 
  • which of the seven deadly sins does your character ascribe to? envy and probably a little bit of pride.
  • which of the seven heavenly virtues? diligence or humility (she’s more humble than prideful, but then everyone gets a little prideful sometimes)
  • what is your character’s biggest fear? failure. without a doubt. that, and living her life with nothing to show for it at the end.
  • what is your character’s biggest regret? it’s sort of a weird tie between the jobs that she didn’t take over the years to be closer to sawyer and the fact that she didn’t work harder to make things work with him in the end.
  • when has your character been in love? had a broken heart? broken someone’s heart? she’s been in love only twice in twenty seven years of life. mostly because it’s never been her focus. the first time, the breakup was hard. she chose her career over love when her boyfriend couldn’t handle her becoming more and more “famous” and didn’t want to come with her when she moved to the states. the second time is proof that your first love is not necessarily the most heartbreaking. sawyer woo’d her and for five years, he was her literal prince charming. funny and sweet, sawyer defied all her misconceptions about the “hollywood bred” types and became her very  best friend. but busy work schedules and distance started to crack the shiny exterior of their relationship and eventually they just started fighting more and trying less and less to fix things. eventually after five years of being together they mutually agreed that they couldn’t be together anymore. and since then, delaney’s been completely immersed in work, work, and nothing but work because she doesn’t want to focus on not being able to call him at the end of her day.        
  • does your character have a secret? she’s a very private person, but there’s nothing that is some big heavily guarded secret.
  • what about your character is heroic? she tries, very hard, to be the best version of herself that she can be. she tries to put out the best version of herself to the world and make a difference and give something back. she’s very passionate about giving back. 
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#bsbgrp #ch: delaney chandler #cries in a river

seriously does anyone want to do something? i’m so bored.



pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 

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imagine your otp competing in legends of the hidden temple together

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#SORRY FOR SOME REASON ALL I CAN PICTURE IS WARNING DOING THIS SHIT #or like a frat/sorority games sort of thing with charby

i also would really love to write nico blackwood in a ship.

someone play with nico on here.

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#lasvrp #sorry saw courtney and lina registering holstrid and mY NICO SOBS
  • ps i a here for all the old ships as well as new.
  • did we have an otp you’re dying to write?
  • hit me up yo.
#lasvrp #literally all the ships

does a song ever come on and you just get totally overwhelmed with ship feels? to the point where you get giddy and your heart aches and you can’t stop smiling because that definitely happened on my way home today.

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#it was vienna by billy joel and it is absolutely a coopergenny song #anD THEN I GOT ONLINE TO SEE ALYX RESPONDED TO COOPERGENNY PHONE THREAD #I AM CRY WITH FEELS #howardstark
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